Structure Collection Stone 30 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Push Door Top

By Allen Peterson on 2019-10-21 12:47:37 -

Structure Collection 30 Gallon Stone Trash Receptacle with Push Door Top   PCS30HT  Structure Collection 30 Gallon Stone Trash Receptacle with Push-Door Top

An industry leader, the Structure 30 Gallon Stone Trash Receptacle with Push-Door Top is the perfect choice for area grocery stores & shopping markets.  The heavy nature of the natural stone finish helps to prevent theft & tampering.  The rugged stone finish can withstand extreme outdoor conditions with no maintenance required.  Choose from a wide variety of lid styles & configurations.  Matching stone park benches are also available for all of your outdoor sitting needs.  The push door top effectively conceals contents from view & helps to maintain a neat & clean appearance.  The inner 30 gallon reusable plastic liner can be easily accessed by removing the lid.  To see all of the attractive stone furnishings offered in this expansive collection, click on the images.


 Stone Colors:                                                                                   

River RockCoffee BeanAlpine RedBlack Lustre  


 Coordinating Products:

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