The Pyramid Ash Urn Cigarette Receptacle

By Allen Peterson on 2018-06-05 12:59:58 -

Pyramid Ash Urn     Pyramid Ash Urns

The Pyramid Ash Urn is an attractive solution for unsightly cigarette waste.  This rugged stone constructed receptacle offers exceptional durability & resistance to the weather.  The heavy nature of this receptacle keeps it firmly in place & helps to prevent theft.  The cast aluminum top is perfect exposed outdoor areas because it will not rust or corrode.  The dual opening allows cigarette disposal from two locations & the large capacity collection canister can effectively hold & conceal large quantities of cigarette waste between servicing.  Choose from (5) natural stone finishes to accent surrounding decors.  For a cleaner environment in front of your place of business - check out this & all of the other attractive Cigarette Receptacles we have to offer.


 Stone Colors:                                                                                   

River RockCoffee BeanAlpine RedGolden GloBlack Lustre       


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