Introducing the Swerve Bike Rack

By Allen Peterson on 2017-05-04 09:54:00 -

Swerve Bike Rack                  Swerve Bike Rack

New Item!  The unique, eye-catcing Swerve Bike Rack offers two points of contact and mimics a bike frames angles to create a more secure parking environment.  Ideal for sidewalk placement, the compact design will minimize impact to walkways.   This attractive bike rack is constructed from thick steel pipe & the full radius ring is extremely difficult to cut with a pipe cutter.  Park up to two bikes at a time, one on either side.  Choose from (20) standard powder coat finishes & (6) thermoplastic finishes.  Pre-drilled holes in the base plates allow for easy surface mounting.  Extended legs are available for inground mounting.

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  Swerve Bike Rack Brochure:                                                   Rack Overview Brochure:  

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