Beauty Bins Double Unit Cafeteria Waste Receptacles

By Allen Peterson on 2017-03-06 10:09:56 -

Beauty Bins Cafeteria Waste Receptacles     Beauty Bins Double Unit Cafeteria Waste Receptacles

The Beauty Bins Collection 60 Gallon Dual Cafeteria Waste Receptacle with Tray Rails is designed to complement any indoor dining areas waste management needs. Beauty Bins feature beautiful wood tone or smooth gray laminates that are easy to clean in cafeteria environments.  Full-length hinged doors and thick, heavy laminate ensures this receptacle will maintain a clean appearance for many years to come.  Stainless steel tray rails keep trays neatly organized in between servicing.  Choose your door message to individualize your bin or just leave it plain.  You can choose the configuration orientation of the receptacles.  Includes two 30 gallon reusable plastic liners.  Side door access allows for the easy maintenance and the integrated drip pans help prevent leaks.   For all of your large dining area waste management needs, check out the available options in the classic Beauty Bins Collection here is our catalog.


  Laminate Finishes:

Birch  Cherry  Oak  Walnut  Gray