OutFront Reversible Scraper Mat

Item Number: 227.716x3x6BK Catalog Image

The OutFront 3' x 6' Reversible Scraper Mat provides a reliable, all-season line of defense protects entry ways from unwanted debris and snow.  This reversible mat has two sides with different functions.  One side specializes in removing heavy debris and snow.  The opposite side is designed to knock off dirt and moisture in more moderate weather.  This is the most versatile scraper mat available.   1 Year Warranty.

** Reversible with dual-side applications for accommodate all weather conditions

** Overall Thickness 7/16" (11 mm)

                                                                  ** Flexible scrapers and quick-dry ports effectively remove                                                                      debris and moisture

                                                                  ** Stiff ridges scrape heavier debris and packed snow

                                                                  ** UV Resistant

** Standard Size in Foot Increments

Side A / Side B  Side A  Side B

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