Yorktown Collection

Yorktown Collection Bench Yorktown Collection Dining Set

The contemporary design and faux-wood finishing of the Yorktown Collection refine the look of the traditional wood bench while helping it blend in with almost any outdoor setting.  Constructed entirely of reinforced aluminum extrusion, these site furnishings will not rust or corrode making them perfect for outdoor locations.  Choose from (4) natural faux-wood finishes or (14) distinctive powder coat finishes to blend with any outdoor surroundings.  With plenty alluring options to help you create a truly unique environment, the Yorktown Collection offers benches in (3) attractive styles in various lengths, dining sets and coffee tables to allow you toe create a beautiful outdoor setting.  


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Yorktown  Collection Benches:

YO8313C  YO8312C  YO1312C  YO1312C  YO0313C  YO0312C  Yorktown Collection 8' Chippendale Bench with Faux-Wood Finish (Portable/Surface Mounted)

         YO8313C                YO8312C              YO1313C             YO1312C               YO0313C                  YO0312

         4' Bench                 4' Bench               6' Bench              6' Bench                8' Bench                  8' Bench  

       Chippendale            Chippendale          Chippendale         Chippendale           Chippendale             Chippendale   

     Powder Coated           Faux Wood        Powder Coated         Faux Wood        Powder Coated             Faux Wood


YO8213C   YO8212C  YO1213C  YO1212C  YO0213C  YO0212C  Yorktown Collection 8' Bench with Arched Back - Faux Wood Finish (Portable/Surface Mounted)

         YO8213C                 YO8212C              YO1213C             YO1212C               YO0213C                  YO0212C

         4' Bench                  4' Bench               6' Bench              6' Bench                8' Bench                    8' Bench

       Arched Back             Arched Back          Arched Back         Arched Back          Arched Back              Arched Back

     Powder Coated            Faux Wood         Powder Coated        Faux Wood         Powder Coated             Faux Wood


YO8113C  YO8112C  YO8113C  YO8112C  YO0113C  Yorktown Collection 8' Straight Back Bench with Powder Coat Finish (Portable/Surface Mounted)  YO0112C  Yorktown Collection 8' Straight Back Bench with Faux-Wood Finish (Portable/Surface Mounted)

         YO8113C                YO8112C               YO1113C             YO1112C               YO0113C                  YO0112C

         4' Bench                  4' Bench               6' Bench              6' Bench                8' Bench                   8' Bench

      Straight Back            Straight Back        Straight Back       Straight Back        Straight Back            Straight Back

     Powder Coated            Faux Wood         Powder Coated        Faux Wood         Powder Coated            Faux Wood


YOE113C  YOE112C

              YOE113C                        YOE112C

         8' Curved Bench             8' Curved Bench

          Powder Coated                   Faux Wood



Yorktown  Collection Dining Sets:

YO2L33C     YO2G33C     YO2K33C    YO9112C    YO2M33C

      YO2L33C                YO2G33C                    YO2K33C                            YO9112C                       YO2M33C

    Square Table           Round Table            Rectangular Table                     Arm Chair                    Coffee Table



Yorktown  Collection Receptacles:

YO3F32C     YO7532C

            YO3F32C                             YO7532C

32 Gallon Trash Receptacle                Planter



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