Tree Guards

Tree Guard Fence Barriers

The Guardian Tree Guards Collection will enhance the beauty of your landscaped locations & protect plants & trees from pedestrian traffic & pet waste.  Choose from either Classic or Stix patterns in 2 standard size configurations.  Custom sizes available - please call for details.



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Guardian Tree Guards:

GT3844CING  Guardian Classic 4' x 4' Tree Guard    GT3848CING  Guardian Classic 4' x 8' Tree Guard    GT3844AING  Guardian Stix 4' x 4' Tree Guard    GT3848AING  Guardian Stix 4' x 8' Tree Guard

        GT3844CING                     GT3848CING                     GT3844AING                    GT3848AING

            4' x 4'                                4' x 8'                              4' x 4'                              4' x 8'

      Classic Pattern                    Classic Pattern                    Stix Pattern                      Stix Pattern






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