Silhouettes Collection

Silhouettes Collection Contemporary Trash Receptacles 

The Silhouette Collection by Rubbermaid offers sleek lines & graphic patterns to compliment the needs of modern interior design styles.  These are the perfect trash receptacles for upscale office environments.  Choose from a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any areas needs.  Sophisticated perforated steel panels are available with either a powder coat finish or polished stainless steel.   Hinged tops on larger models allow for easy access to inner liners.  Smaller models feature lift-off outer shells. For areas where space is limited - the wall-hugging Half Rounds are the perfect choice.  To create a sophisticated, coordinated waste management system that fits in with today's decors - the Silhouettes Collection is an obvious choice.



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Silhouettes Collection Trash Receptacles:

SC22E  SC22SS  SR18E  SR18SS  SC18E  SC18SS 

         SC22E                  SC22SS                 SR18E                  SR18SS                 SC18E                  SC18SS 

       50 Gallon               50 Gallon              40 Gallon              40 Gallon              29 Gallon               29 Gallon

    Powder Coated       Stainless Steel      Powder Coated       Stainless Steel       Powder Coated        Stainless Steel

   484    886    386   626     386     626         



    SR14E  Silhouettes Collection 25 Gallon Rectangular Open Top Trash Receptacle       SR14SS  SC14E  Sc14SS       SC10E  Silhouettes Collection 10 Gallon Open Top Trash Receptacle        SC10SS 

        SR14E                   SR14SS                  SC14E                 SC14SS                 SC10E                 SC10SS

      25 Gallon               25 Gallon               24 Gallon              24 Gallon              10 Gallon              10 Gallon

  Powder Coated        Stainless Steel       Powder Coated       Stainless Steel      Powder Coated       Stainless Steel

 358     508a     328   478a     309   417



       SCSU  Silhouettes Collection Sand Urn        SH12E  SH12SS

          SCSU                    SH12E                   SH12SS

       Sand Urn               12 Gallon                12 Gallon

   Powder Coated       Powder Coated         Stainless Steel

   309     237     369



Silhouettes Collection Recycling Receptacles:

      DCR24P  Silhouettes Collection 29 Gallon Square Recycling Receptacle with Paper/Newspaper Lid         DCR24C  Silhouettes Collection 25 Gallon Square Recycling Receptacle with Cans/Bottles Lid            DCR24T  Silhouettes Collection 25 Gallon square Recycling Receptacle with Trash Lid    DRR24P  DRR24P     DRR24T  Silhouettes Collection 26 Gallon Round Recycling Receptacle with Trash Lid

         DCR24P                 DCR24C                  DCR24T               DRR24P                    DRR24C                 DRR24T

        29 Gallon                29 Gallon               29 Gallon             26 Gallon                  26 Gallon               26 Gallon

   Paper/Newspaper       Bottles/Cans                Trash          Paper/Newspaper           Bottles/Cans              Trash

    548     548     548    497       497     497





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