Satin Brass Collection

Satin Brass Collection Trash Receptacles

The Satin Brass Stainless Collection Trash Receptacles are ideally suited for upscale environments featuring clean lines and sophisticated polished brass stainless steel construction.  The exceptional durability of these attractive receptacles provides a low-maintenance solution for prominent areas.



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   R32SBS  Stain Brass Collection 15 Gallon Dome Top Trash Receptacle with Push Door   R32SBS  Satin Brass Collection 15 Gallon Open Dome Top Trash Receptacle  SO16SBS  Satin Brass Collection 12 Gallon Flat Top Trash Receptacle with Side Opening   SO16SUSBS     CC16SBS  Satin brass Collection 15 Gallon Open Top Trash Receptacle SO8SSB Half Round 9 Gallon Ash/Trash Receptacle with Satin Brass Finish    1100SBS  Satin Brass 3.5 Gallon Ash/Trash Receptacle with Sand Urn Top

    R1536SBS            R32SBS             SO16SBS         SO16SUSBS        CC16SBS             SO8SBS              1100SBS

    15 Gallon            15 Gallon            12 Gallon           12 Gallon          15 Gallon             9 Gallon              3.5 Gallon

    Dome Top       Open Dome Top        Flat Top           Ash/Trash          Open Top            Ash/Trash            Ash/Trash

311  291 301 337 275  339  148






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