Reflections Collection

Reflections Collection by Anova   

The Reflections Collection reflects a distinctive vintage look, featuring bold designs with sweeping curves and stepped patterns.   Four original slotted steel designs are represented in vibrant plasticol coated steel protected by the Fusion Advantage.  The richly tinted TopCoat encapsulates a thick coating of plasticol that protects the steel from the elements and provides a high-gloss finish that won't fade, peel, chip, crack, mold or mildew.  For a stylish, vintage look - the Reflections Collection is the perfect choice.


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Reflections Collection Trash Receptacles:

L1406M L1408M  L1406D   L1408D L1430M

       L1460M              L1408M               L1406D                L1408D                L1430M

      32 Gallon            32 Gallon            32 Gallon             32 Gallon              30 Gallon

 Diagonal Pattern     Web Pattern     Diagonal Pattern      Web Pattern          Web Pattern

    Contour Top        Contour Top          Dome Top            Dome Top              Flat Top

  600 600   600  600    540



Reflections Collection Park Benches:

 L1369    L1422   L1423   L1424    L1425  

        L1369                    L1422                   L1423                  L1424                   L1425

6' Contour Bench    6' Contour Bench   6' Contour Bench   6' Contour Bench    6' Contour Bench

Steel Slat Pattern    Starburst Pattern   Starburst Pattern    Diagonal Pattern     Diagonal Pattern

 1045      1065    1065   1100     1100


L1426   L1427   L1367

       L1426              L1427               L1367

     6' Bench           6' Bench           6' Bench

   Web Pattern      Web Pattern  Steel Slat Pattern

  1100   1100   1065




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