Portage Collection

Portage CollectionPortage Picnic table

The Portage Collection features a clean, basic design that has something for just about any space and any need.  It incorporates a simple, yet fun design combining a round or square perforated look with a rolled edge creating a soft and welcoming appearance.  Beneath the soft outer appearance is a strong, rigid all-steel frame that is protected with a revolutionary powder-coat finish providing unbeatable durability and quality.


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Portage Collection Park Benches:

PO1126i     po1426s

            PO1126S                              PO1426S

     6' Contour Bench                     6' Flat Bench

      631                   382



Portage Collection Tables:

PODHA2c     PODH96c     PODHA6c     POFHA5c

            PODH5AC                             PODH96C                           PODHA6C                             POFH5AC

      4 Contour Seats                    5 Contour Seats                 6 Contour Seats                        Bar Height

       1373                  2080                 2422                  1964



             PODHC6C                            PODHE6C                           PODHG6C

            4 Flat Seats                        5 Flat Seats                        6 Flat Seats

         1292                 1816                 2092



Portage Collection Picnic Tables:

PODN31C     PODP51I     PODP66i

              PODN31C                          PODP51i                               PODP66i

        Rectangular Table             Square w/ 4 Seats                Square w/ 3 Seats

         1184               1236                  1414



Coordinating Products:

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